Leanne Giavedoni

Leanne Giavedoni

Leanne Giavedoni is a personal as well as a business website founded by Leanne Giavedoni itself. She teaches about mindfulness, meditation, etc. She also sell an Essentials Oils.

The redesign was focus on fixing the flow of her site and improve the design and make it more modern as well as mobile-friendly.

The main challange in this project is to fit the video to a mac or iPhone mockup and I have to make sure it also fit on mobile screen as well.

Key Objectives #

  • Use a feminine colors and readable typography because her target audience is women ages 30-55.
  • Improve the flow and the site navigation.
  • Mobile-first approach to ensure all content is fully accessible, navigation and performance established for current mobile best practices.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS.
  • The redesign should use Divi theme.

Testimonials #

It was a great experience working with Marga Satrya. His design ideas were fresh and improved the look and feel of my website. Marga Satrya was also very patient and professional.

— Leanne Giavedoni