Primary Guard

Primary Guard

Primary Guard is IT & Cybersecurity Consulting Services website, it is an internal project by Forest Interactive. The design was done by their design team, I work closely with their design team and project manager to met their expectation.

The first version of the website was use some beautiful animation, but because on of their objective was to get at least 70 score on GTmetrix, I have to eliminate some of the animation.

The project took around 3 months to complete, there were a lot of aspects I help to optimize as well, such as easy navigation, performance, SEO, etc.

Key Objectives #

  • Implement the design to a fully-functional WordPress website.
  • Fully responsive design.
  • Performance optimized, 70 score is the minimum.
  • Implement custom function for some areas such as custom newsroom post, custom events post, integrated with custom API mail newsletter, etc.