Recent Comments Widget Plus

This plugin will enable a custom and advanced recent comments widget. Allows you to display a list of the most recent comments with avatar and excerpt, you can also choose which to show newer comments first or older comments first and choose comments from any post type.

Plugin Idea #

Just like Smart Recent Posts Widget plugin, the idea came because lack of features with the default Recent Comments widget. It only allows to just display recent comments, no avatar, no option for custom post types, no, nothing.

With this plugin, you can display recent comments with customizable avatar, display the comment excerpt, you can also exclude pingback and trackback which annoying if you display it on your sidebar, and much more!

Recent Comments Widget Plus

This plugin's first version was released 5 years ago, and it's used by more than 4k WordPress installation! I constantly update the plugin, either to add a new feature or to support the latest version of WordPress.

Recent Comments Widget Plus Features #

This plugin is packed with tons of features and you can customize it with easy-to-use admin options.

  • Display avatar with customizable size.
  • Display comment excerpt with customizable length.
  • Exclude pingback & trackback
  • Post type option.
  • Offset option.
  • Option to choose the comments order.
  • Allows you to set title url.
  • Custom CSS class.
  • Multiple widgets.

What People Are Saying #

Works As Expected!
Great plugin, with a several options to help show recent comments on widget. Works well (no php notices, php errors, etc.).

— JJNW via

Clean and Simple
Working so smoothly on the last version of WP! This plugin has made to make your web so clear and pretty.

— dlndolgion via

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Try It Yourself #

If you interested to try this plugin, you can download the plugin by clicking this link, or you can search this plugin inside your WordPress admin page. You can also browse more projects via the links below.