ID Back To Top

This plugin will automatically enable a custom and flexible Back to Top button to your WordPress website that allows your visitor to scroll back to the top of your page with one click!

Plugin Idea #

The idea was simple, not all themes provides built-in back to top button, some has, but I could not customize its preferences such as color or position. With this plugin you can customize almost everything, from color, icon, position, and much more!

Back To Top WordPress Plugin

It's been 5 years since the first version approved by them, and it's used by more than 10k WordPress installation! I constantly update the plugin, either to add a new feature or to support the latest version of WordPress.

ID Back To Top Features #

This plugin is packed with tons of features, and you can customize it with easy-to-use admin options.

  • Free FOREVER.
  • No setup needed.
  • Custom target.
  • Unlimited colors.
  • Retina support(icon font).
  • Choose text or icon font.
  • Customizable text.
  • Position switcher (left or right).
  • Change animation you like.
  • Custom CSS area.

What People Are Saying #

Simple option that does the job
No fancy fonts or images to choose from or bloated scripts, just does the job neatly and cleanly. Returns to top of very long pages quickly without the irritating blur you find elsewhere, even on smartphone screens.

— darrencss via

I checked several scroll to top plugins and all of them didn't work with my theme but this one ....boom ...worked 🙂 Thanks

— messman via

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Try It Yourself #

If you interested to try this plugin, you can download the plugin by clicking this link, or you can search this plugin inside your WordPress admin page. You can also browse more projects via the links below.